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Black & White Printing

For genuine, black and white silver gelatin prints, we use only true black and white photographic paper - which means zero colour casting. We can also print from both digital files as well as negatives.

When it comes to professional black & white printing, we work with the only print lab in the UK to produce silver gelatin prints from digital files as well as negatives.

All our black and white Lambda prints are produced on genuine Harman (formerly Ilford) black and white silver gelatin photographic paper - ‘true’ black and white, without the colour cast you would usually find in C-Types and Giclées, due to their colour printing process.

We offer three premier Harman GDS papers to fit your needs, fibre-based Gloss, fibre-based Matt or Resin-coated, producing the same high-quality printing as our C-Type prints, but with B&W chemical processing.

With ‘resin-coated’ papers, the prints have a consistent and neutral image tone and the paper offers fine tonal benefits including strong blacks and subtle highlight detail.

Our digital B&W papers can be printed up to 108 x 48 inches, and we can also offer B&W hand printing from negatives up to 20 x 24 inches.

We are also able to scan from original film or large format negatives up to 22x18 inches, or 35mm slides if required, using top-of-the-range Fujifilm drum or Kodak IQ Smart flatbed scanners with ultra-high optical resolutions.Capable of capturing very subtle details from film originals and producing scans with exceptionally smooth tonal gradients.

Scans are usually produced at 600dpi or 300dpi, depending on the process, but we can produce higher or lower dpi's on request.

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