Retail & Visual Merchandising


If you are a visual merchandiser or a small retail owner, you'll probably know that effective in-store displays can:


Engage shoppers – An attractive and welcoming store creates a positive first impression. It encourages people to come into the store, and helps create a positive shopping experience for customers which means that they'll be more likely to return for future visits.


Grow sales – When done effectively, visual merchandising can increase sales by not only improving the look of your shop, but actually enticing people into your store in the first place and helping them to discover new products and solutions. A well designed display can encourage a person to seek out items that they may not necessarily have originally been looking for.

Whether for a bar, club, restaurant, retail or anything else, our stunning Lightboxes will instantly revamp the look of your store or business and help you get the results you want.


Our Solutions

We create high quality hand-made bespoke Lightboxes using black-stained FSC certified timber frames for all our artwork, but if you'd like to provide your own artwork we can also offer a bespoke Duratrans Printing service.


Please note: These are gallery standard, true photographic quality Duratrans Prints, not to be confused with the inkjet replicas seen on everyday commercial retail graphics which are cheaper and of a much lower standard.


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