Duratrans Prints

What are Duratrans Prints?

Eight Editions are extremely proud to launch our exclusive collection of Fine Art Duratrans prints - a selection of Limited Edition runs from top artists available for the first time in true Duratrans format.



Duratrans (short for Durable Transparency) was originally the brand name of a special Kodak film consisting of a translucent-base material with a photographic emulsion, allowing light to diffuse through the image. Designed for vibrant, backlit colour display prints, films were also later developed by Fujifilm (known as Fujitrans). 

Duratrans has now become used as a generic term for all backlit display prints regardless of whether they’re produced photographically or using digital inkjet printing. However, only true Duratrans are the end result of a highly specialised photographic C-Type process.


How does it work?

The image is exposed onto light sensitive film using red, green and blue (RGB) lasers before being ‘wet’ processed and developed in much the same way as a traditional photograph. These Duratrans should not be confused with inferior inkjet backlit films or direct to media prints.

We print all our Duratrans using top of the range equipment (either an Océ Lightjet or Durst Lambda) from a digital file as opposed to a negative. Both the Lightjet and Lambda C-Type processes are archival, and allow for all the tonal benefits of an old-school, photographic process but now with the added advantage of digital control. This technology results in the highest possible quality over the whole print.


The Results

This rich medium brings an outstanding almost cinematic dimension to images, allowing artwork to be created with stunning sharpness (up to 4000 dpi), superb clarity and continuous tone, exceptional contrast, opacity and deep, rich blacks - along with vivid colour and saturation across the entire spectrum. An overall image quality unmatched by any other process.


Did we mention they look incredible illuminated?

Check out our amazing new range of Duratrans prints today!