Bespoke Framing

From modern frame designs to ornate or decorative shapes, our technicians can produce any bespoke frame style and size for your fine art.

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Not only does a good frame protect your artwork, it can also enhance and add value to a piece.

We feel our art deserves a good home, and we want you to enjoy your art for years to come, which is why our team of expert framers create a custom, hand-made frame for every work of art.

At Eight we strive to use only the very highest grade of conservation and archival framing materials as standard.

Get in touch - on top of the current framing options available via our website (below), our team is always on hand to help you choose a finish to complement the colours and style of both items available via the website, as well as any artwork you already have and advise on a bespoke solution. 







Select the right colour and width of moulding to show off your art.
We take the utmost care to ensure that all the timber for our frames is sourced from 100% sustainable, FSC certified sources.



FULL BLEED Flush to edge

FLOAT MOUNT 25mm border

WINDOW MOUNT 80mm mount width


Choose the right style according to the type of artwork and surface.
Contact us for any custom requirements not listed including tray or box frames for canvas.

For example:


  • Prints with straight edges, or already containing a large border, don’t normally require a window mount and can be framed flush to the edge of the frame (or ‘Full-Bleed’). We recommend framing gig and linen-backed original movie posters in this way.

  • Silkscreen prints often come with a ‘deckled’ (or torn) edge, and look better when ‘float-mounted’ in a contemporary box-style frame using a spacer (or fillet) to create a gap between the artwork surface and the glass. This gives the image an added depth, and the gap around the artwork highlights the edges and creates the illusion that the print is literally ‘floating’ within the frame - additional height can be achieved by placing an optional piece of mount board underneath the artwork, raising it off the surface and further enhancing the effect.

  • Giclée, photographic and small to medium sized prints tend to work well with the classic look and feel of a traditional window mounted frame, focusing the eye on the artwork and giving the image added wall space. 









AR 99™






Glazing plays a vital role in protecting your artwork from physical damage like scratches, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light and atmospheric pollutants like dirt and dust. 

Although the type of glazing chosen can significantly increase the overall price of framing, it's worth bearing in mind that this is the first line of defence in maintaining your artwork (and it's value) in good condition - as UV, and even artificial lighting can cause colours and inks to fade through a process known as photochemical destruction. We would always stress the importance of investing in the highest level of protection (wherever possible), particularly for rare or valuable works of art.


We recommend the following options:


Water White Float - is a completely colourless glass manufactured from silica with low iron content to make the glass crystal clear and completely neutral in colour, offering outstanding colour reproduction compared to the greenish tint of standard glass. This is our most economical solution, but doesn't have any anti-reflective or UV properties.


Artglass AR 99™ - to give maximum protection for small to medium artworks, we recommend using this conservation standard glass to help prevent artwork from fading. It blocks up to 99% of UV light, with an anti-reflective coating that virtually eliminates reflections, providing superb clarity.


Optium Museum Acrylic® - for superior conservation quality, nothing can come close to this lightweight, anti-reflective, anti-static, shatterproof and abrasion resistant, clear coated acrylic offering unmatched clarity, maximum UV protection and providing even greater security than traditional glazing. Ideal for larger and valuable artworks, high traffic areas or where safety is a consideration.




All our mount boards are not only acid-free (PH neutral), they are entirely free from impurities, such as lignin and the various other contaminants that are found in ordinary ‘pulp’ board.

We recommend that archival quality, pure-grade 100% cotton acid-free mount boards are used for mounting art and photographic works, with an 8-ply thickness to lend maximum stability.

Contact us for bespoke requirements including slimmer modern, extra-wide or specific colour mounts.



We use high density, acid-free backing boards to provide protection against knocks to the rear of the frame. Our boards are made from non-recycled wood pulp and are PVA laminated, with the added option of an archival Polyester lining to prevent moisture absorption.


Bespoke Options

If you require a specific solution, we’ve got you covered - just contact us and we’ll put together a quote for you.

We've sourced an extensive selection of superior quality, solid-wood, acrylic and metal frame mouldings to suit a variety of tastes and styles.

We’re able to create beautiful frames from diverse wood types including tulip, walnut, maple and oak, and the advanced equipment available in our bespoke Wood Mill allows our skilled craftsmen to hand-make beautifully unique custom wooden frames to your exact requirements - each one can be either sprayed, or stained and waxed to suit. 

Metallic frames (either aluminium or brass) are first welded, sanded and polished before optional chemical finishing, creating either a gleaming shine, brushed, or frosted finish.

Additional glazing options

Standard Acrylic - a lightweight, shatter-resistant and economical glazing solution. Requires some care in handling as it tends to attract dust and scratch easily, but small scratches and scuffs can be polished out.

Water White Laminated - consists of two sheets of 2mm water white float glass bonded with a thin plastic film, ideal for large pictures where if broken the glass doesn’t shatter and still retains structural integrity. The lamination also provides a very high level of UV protection.


Conservation Grade UV Protection

Optium Museum Acrylic® meets rigorous standards. Durable and strong, Optium is produced using a patented Tru-Vue technology. A magnetron-sputtered anti-reflective, anti-static coating is bonded to an abrasion resistant, UV filtering acrylic sheet at an atomic level. This ensures long-lasting protection that doesn't oxidize and degrade over time.




*Conservation Grade UV protection meets ISO 18902 and passes ISO 18916 by blocking at least 97% of UV energy.

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