Lucas Varela

A personal favourite here at Eight Editions, Lucas Varela is an Argentine illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and artist who specialises in comic book writing and graphic novels. Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, he went on to study graphic design at the University of Buenos Aries, and was first employed as a designer and graphic artist at Argentina’s biggest newspaper, Clarín in 1996 before going on to co-found ‘Kapop’, a comic book fanzine (popular in the Buenos Aires underground scene at the time) with Roberto Barreiro. In 2010, he was signed to illustrate ‘National Conversation’, a weekly column for the Financial Times. It proved to be a huge success, with Varela’s witty, ironic visuals and unique sense of dark comedy adding a satirical dynamic to events. Commercial illustrations aside, Varela’s own distinct comic book style invites us into a diabolical universe, teeming with images of pink monsters, slithering, invasive worm-like creatures, horned, bare-breasted women and arguably his most notable character, the hilarious and indomitable ‘Paolo Pinocchio’. A few years ago he moved to Angouleme, a small town in south-west France, where he was artist in residence at La Maisons Des Auteurs. There he was able to concentrate on developing several new comic book projects, including the album ‘Diagnostics’ (first published in French and later Spanish) alongside Diego Agrimbau, and most recently, Le Jour Le Plus Long Du Futur (The Longest Day of the Future), available for the first time in an English language version. Varela’s latest work can only continue to further cement his already formidable standing as not only one of the foremost comic book artists in Argentina, but as a global master of the genre.

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