Self-taught Tokyo born sculptor Haroshi is best known for his striking, colourful, intricately carved sculptures cut from layers or mosaics of engineered wood taken from used skateboard decks. By combining his passion for art and skateboarding, skilfully gluing, cutting, chiselling and carving using traditional Japanese tools, he recycles these discarded, seemingly inanimate old boards and elaborately transforms them into vibrant works of art - full of life and imbued with a new energy and sense of movement. Inspired by his heritage, Haroshi’s technique mirrors that of carved Buddhas produced by Unkei, a 12th-century Buddhist sculptor - who would typically embed a crystal ball or "Shin-Gachi-Rin (Heart Moon Circle)" inside the statue; Haroshi instead places a piece of skateboard (wheels, spacers, trucks or bearings) chosen from his own collection into his pieces, saying that it, like the crystal balls, give his creations a soul, and help him express his Japanese spirit. It is in this way that Haroshi continues to pay respect to the true essence of the art, the materials that he works with, and to the deep-rooted traditional Japanese philosophy that recognises an objects ‘life force’.

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