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EN MASSE is a Montreal based, collaborative drawing project comprising a collective of artists and illustrators. The many talented and creative individuals who take part in their projects create their bold, signature black and white style of large-scale, highly spontaneous murals and illustration. En Masse explores a collective vision; working together to achieve a harmonious aesthetic somehow greater than any single artist might achieve alone - simultaneously fusing a variety of individual styles together into a mutually complimentary collective synthesis. The project was originally created by Tim Barnard and Jason Botkin back in 2009, at the Galerie Pangée. Now under the direction of Botkin and Rupert Bottenberg, the initiative has worked with a number of corporate commissions and nearly 250+ artists internationally. Wherever it goes, the project serves to broaden and nurture artistic communities from backgrounds as diverse as graphic novels, illustration, graffiti, tattoo design and fine arts. For the most part, the artists participating in the project are self-taught creative entrepreneurs and it serves as a high-profile public platform for them to connect with mainstream contemporary arts institutions like galleries, museums or funding agencies who they have generally found themselves excluded from. In this way, En Masse is a bridge between artist and institution. The project encompasses 5 main branches of activity: Gallery/Museum, Festivals and Public Events, Private or Corporate Commissions, Mentorship and Curatorial or Production Programming. Some of the Individual Members include: Carlos Santos Jason Botkin Jason Wasserman Jeremy Shantz Kevin Ledo Michael Shantz Olivier Bonnard Rupert Bottenberg

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Full Circle

Full Circle