London born artist DFace, aka Dean Stockton is considered as one of the most prolific contemporary urban creatives of his generation and has been at the forefront of the urban art scene for over a decade. A leading figure of the movement, he has garnered high praise for several sold-out solo shows and is the only urban artist to date to be featured on the front cover of the publication Art Review. He was also one of fifty artists commissioned to create a 50th anniversary Penguin book cover and has a number of celebrity fans and collectors including American singer Christina Aguilera, who commissioned him to create the artwork for her number one selling album 'Bionic' in 2010. Equally active on the streets painting public spaces as in his studio, his work is regularly sold at auction houses such as Christie’s, Bonhams or Sotheby’s and is best known for his playful, pop-inflected body of work which he describes as ‘aPOPcalyptic’ - critiquing the modern world, in particular, the establishment, consumerism and the American Dream. He has also painted murals in LA, New York, Tokyo and Las Vegas - his biggest to date, a 10 metre high piece commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Malaga that sits alongside another created by Shepard Fairey. The early development of his work evolved from a relationship with the culture of skateboarding and punk he established reading magazines like the now iconic ‘Thrasher’, and the skateboard art (particularly of Jim Philips) that inspired his early guerrilla street stickers and stencil-based approach, culminating in his later, vibrant coloured canvas and mural work. Following a degree in Illustration and Design, he went on to do freelance work as an illustrator/designer at a creative agency, but left disillusioned to concentrate fully on his artistic ambitions. In 2005, following on from the Outside Institute, a creative studio and London's first contemporary art gallery to focus on street art which he opened alongside his wife Eve and fellow artist Mysterious Al. He later set up StolenSpace gallery where he held his first major London solo exhibition, ‘Death & Glory’ in 2006. Later that year he also took part alongside Banksy and Space Invader at the world famous ‘Santas Ghetto’ and in March 2007 he blessed Brighton with his ‘Eyecons’ exhibition at O Contemporary and went on to follow that up in 2008 with ‘Apopcalypse Now’ at Black Rat Press, and later held an outstanding sold out solo show ‘All your Dreams Belong to Us’ in 2009 with Jonathan Levine Gallery. 2011 marked a busy year for D*Face, between his two solo exhibitions; LA’s 'Going Nowhere Fast' at Corey Helford Gallery and Melbourne’s ‘Burn Brighter’ at Metro Gallery, he even found time to make a return visit to the Ridiculous Pool in San Bernardino, where he debuted a unique spray-can technique combining his love of skateboarding with live painting. In October 2013 he took part in the exhibition ‘Art Wars’ at the Saatchi Gallery curated by Ben Moore where he transformed a Stormtrooper helmet into a work of art, and hosted solo show ‘New World Disorder’ at Stolenspace gallery. Most recently he went back to LA to hold his latest solo show at Corey Helford Gallery entitled ‘Happy Never Ending’ in September 2017. These have firmly cemented D*Face's presence within the global contemporary art market and retained his notoriety. He is represented by several galleries, such as Die Kunstagentin, Hang-Up Gallery, Ministry of Walls and Verso Contemporary. DFace currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

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Create a Racket - Pearl Jam

Create a Racket - Pearl Jam