Bespoke Framing



Perfectly Framed.

Not only does a good frame protect your artwork, it can also enhance and add value to a piece.

We feel our art deserves a good home, and we want you to enjoy your art for years to come, which is why our team of expert framers create a custom solution for every work of art.

At Eight we strive to use only the very highest grade of archival framing materials as standard (including 100% cotton acid-free mounts and high density backing boards), and our team is on hand to help you choose a finish and complement the colours, subject and style of your work of art, all tailored to suit your taste.


Frame Moulding

Set the tone - Choose the right style, thickness and width moulding to show off your art. Our team has sourced an extensive collection of superior quality, solid-wood, acrylic and metal frame mouldings to suit all tastes and styles.

We take the utmost care to ensure that all the timber for our frames is sourced from 100% sustainable, FSC certified sources and we’re able to create beautiful frames from diverse wood types including tulip, walnut, maple and oak.

From modern frame design to decorative shapes, our technicians can produce any bespoke frame style and size for your fine art.  The advanced equipment available in our bespoke Wood Mill allows our team to hand-make beautifully unique custom wooden frames to your requirements, and each one can be stained and waxed to your desired finish.

If you have an unusual frame idea in mind to present a piece from your collection, please don’t hesitate to contact our team who can design this for you.



Our mount boards are not only acid-free, they are entirely free from impurities; not just acid, but also lignin and the various other impurities that are found in ordinary ‘pulp’ board.

We recommend that pure-grade 100% cotton boards are used for mounting art and photographic works, with an 8-ply thickness to lend maximum stability.

We also take into account the type of artwork surface, and advise accordingly. For example, Silkscreen prints look great when ‘float-mounted’, which gives the frame an added depth and creates the illusion that the print is literally floating within the frame.


Backing Board

We use acid-free high density backing boards to provide protection against knocks to the rear of the frame. Our boards are made from non-recycled wood pulp and are PVA laminated, with the added option of an archival Polyester lining to prevent moisture absorption.


Glazing Options

The glazing plays a vital role in protecting your artwork from scratches, dirt and dust. Our standard glazing includes museum glass, alternatively our Bespoke Service can include Optium Acrylic® - a lightweight, anti-reflective, anti-static, shatterproof, clear coated UV filtering acrylic that provides even greater security than traditional glazing.


Anti-Reflective Coating

Conservation Grade UV Protection


Optium Museum Acrylic® meets rigorous Standards.  Durable and strong, Optium is produced using a patented Tru Vue technology. A magnetron-sputtered anti-reflective, anti-static coating is bonded to an abrasion resistant, UV filtering acrylic sheet at an atomic level. This ensures long-lasting protection that doesn't oxidize and degrade over time.


*Conservation Grade UV protection meets ISO 18902 and passes ISO 18916 by blocking at least 97% of UV energy.




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