Stuart Free

Stuart Free is a landscape artist and painter who is well known for his allegorical, photorealistic paintings depicting local buildings and landmarks across the capital, particularly North London, where he is based. Through his work Stuart depicts ageing, neglected buildings or venues of local historical and social interest with an almost cinematic quality. Nostalgic, journalistic images concerning concrete, peeling paint, broken glass and graffiti, often visibly crumbling and decaying, these symbolic monuments are skilfully captured, era-defining memories of our urban landscape and inner city life, beautifully preserved in time. From shopfronts and cafes, to cinemas, racetracks and abandoned or derelict warehouses, Stuart has used his keen eye to document London through his ingenious use of paint with a profound respect, affection and attention to detail. In Stuart‘s words, “These works are naked, dramatic, honest visions that cut away the glossy veneer of human aspiration and invite us to confront our own perceptions of the landscape.” He fell in love with the derelict car plants and fulfilled a dream by meeting Tyree Guyton, the artist who in 1986 took a stand against the decay and crime that had enveloped the neighbourhood and created the Heidelberg Project - Stuart trained at Central Saint Martins from 1991-94, and while he continues to exhibit in the UK, his passion for cityscapes has also led to commissions in Paris, New York and Chicago. Free has an overwhelmingly supportive audience and his work has become increasingly sought after by collectors.

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