En Masse - Kevin Ledo

Bold, iconic, figurative imagery is what Montreal artist, Kevin Ledo, brings forth in his art. Crossing back and forth through artistic boundaries and genres such as mural art, fine art, street art, and gold leaf art installations, Ledo covers a lot of ground in his quest to satiate his artistic visions and insights. Ledo’s realistic figurative renderings are often juxtaposed to abstract graphic shapes and designs. His figures are mostly void of any foreground or background, suspending them in a minimalistic and slightly surreal world, capturing moments of contemplation, intimacy, emotion and wonderment. Ledo expresses influence and inspiration from a multitude of forces including religious imagery, graphic design, psychedelic music, travel, photography, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, metaphysics, and especially intangible concepts such as infinity, consciousness, and perception. Kevin Ledo’s artwork is exhibited and collected worldwide. His gold leaf and art installations adorn the walls and establishments throughout the Americas and parts of Asia . Ledo’s work can be found at Yves Laroche Gallery and Station16 Gallery in Montreal, as well as in Ayden Gallery in Vancouver. As an active member of the En Masse project since 2009, Ledo has painted with the group at numerous art fairs, museums and events across the USA and Canada, including the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Ledo exhibited at the ModeMuseum in Hasselt, Belgium, has been featured in many art media outlets such as Juxtapoz Magazine, My Modern Met, Artist a Day and Cool Hunting. As well, Ledo’s work has been written about in multiple news media outlets including LA Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Washington Times, La Presse, CBC Radio1, The Montreal Gazette and Bizarre Beyond Belief.

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